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Formed in 1994, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Communication Posse is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group. We "assist and cooperate with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in the maintenance of peace, law, and order within the County of Maricopa, State of Arizona, at any time and in any manner as and when requested to do so." All of our members are Amateur ("Ham") Radio Operators. New members are expected to have their license already or acquire it within one year of joining. The Communications Posse's callsign is K7MCS (Maricopa County Sheriff). We hold our monthly meeting at 1830 Hours on the third Wednesday of every month, except December. The location is the Enforcement Support building, located at 3325 West Durango Street in Phoenix. Visitors are always welcome. We hold a radio net every Tuesday night at 2000 Hours on the City of Phoenix CERT Repeater system.

Site Rx Freq Rx PL Tx Freq Tx PL
South Mtn 442.200   136.5   447.200   136.5  
North Mtn 449.025 136.5 444.025 136.5
Far North Mtn 448.850 136.5 443.850 136.5
Sacaton Mtn 448.025 136.5 443.025 136.5
Thompson Peak   449.400 136.5 444.400 136.5